Antonio from South Lion, Michigan…2006 Jaguar S-TYPE R

The car is awesome, I love it. I’d like to thank you much for making my first internet car buying experience a pleasant one. You’ve fulfilled you part of the contract and I’m very happy with the purchase. You can post the picture, and review, as you wish. Thanks much,


Ariam from Rahway, New Jersey…2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor

I hope all is well. I want to thank you for your honesty and professionalism. The truck is great and I made it back to New Jersey safe and sound. I will be recommending you to all my friends and family members. Thank you so much for anything.


Ashley from Boiling Springs, SC…2006 Charger Daytona

Just wanted to give you an update on how things were going with the 2006 Daytona I purchased from you back in late Jan 2012 and to say thank you. I was very hesitant to purchase this car, because I was going to do it sight unseen and with nothing to go on but your word and pictures. I had never purchased a car without a test drive and I bought this one without even putting my eyes on it. However, I was impressed at how easy and smooth you made the entire process. From the paperwork to the delivery you made everything work. As far as the car goes, I couldn’t be happier. The car is everything you said it would be and then some. I had been searching for this car for over a year. There were only 4,000 of them made so to find one in such great condition and a such a great price with so few miles was a real gem! (believe me I looked!) I would recommend you and your dealership to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle off the internet particularly those first time buyers like me.


Bizmark from Cleveland, Ohio…2007 BMW 3-Series Special Edition

I love my Bimmer and enjoy every mile I’ve put on it since the day of the purchase. I wanted to thank you for your assistance and helping me make this purchase a very soothing, exciting and reassuring process. It’s never easy making this kind of purchase decision but knowing you were honest, helpful and very informative about the vehicles condition, worth and type of riding experience it would offer me was more then pleasing and helped me proceed with the deal. You were right about the BMW being the type of car that best suited me despite my doubts. Now I get to enjoy the car on a daily basis. I honestly can’t imagine myself driving anything else!


Carl from Middletown, Virginia…2004 Ford F250 King Ranch w/ only 34K Miles!

I love the truck. This organization is very professional and friendly. I appreciate it very much that you replaced the muffler. It was a great experience. Thank you,

Carl Ingram

Chuck from Westlake, Ohio…2004 Jeep Wrangler

All I can say is that you made a childhood dream come true for me. I wanted a Wrangler for as long as I can remember. Not only did I buy one but a lifted one too. I can’t thank you enough for the Jeep, the deal and the way you treated us! Oh ya, thank you for tinting the windows for me too 😉 All the best,


Clements from Sylvania, Ohio…2001 Mercury Sable

We love over Sable. I can’t believe I found a 2001 Sable with only 19K. The car just looks and feels new for a 10 year old car. We new from your 100% customer satisfaction rating that you had a trustworthy business and such a nice car with soooo little miles was a great match for us. Even the engine bay was perfectly clean. Your integrity and communication were duly noticed and we bough the car without worry. The pickup service you provide was friendly and kept us in the loop as to the schedule. Thanks so much! You may certainly quote us in your referrals.

Clement Family

Cynthia from Rochester, Minnesota…2006 Mercury Mountaineer

I just wanted to say thank you for the Mountaineer! I absolutely LOVE it. It was exactly what I expected and everything I was looking for in a truck. I found it quite a while ago, kept my eye on it and make numerous calls to you about it. I finally took the leap of faith and came from Rochester, MN to Cleveland, OH. The truck was beautiful and you gave me a great deal on the car. I’m overall very happy and glad I purchased it. Thanks for the good deal!


Dan from Avon, Illinois…2004 Chevy Blazer with 30K Miles!

Our 8 hour road trip home to Avon went well and the Blazer drove great. The experience dealing with you went great and really smooth. Will always keep an eye on your website for future vehicles. Thanks,


Danny from Frankfort, Kentucky…2005 Chevy Astro Cargo Van

We are totally happy with our van. We have been driving it daily and have already hauled trees and mulch with it. Thank you for selling us a great vehicle and working with us on buying the van. Hope you have a great day!

Danny and Michele

David & Cecile from Walton Hills, Ohio…2004 Suburban

Thank you for your professional and upfront handling of the sale. We were pleased with the description of the vehicle and not disappointed when we saw it in person. We will highly recommend you to our family and friends. Thanks,

David and Cecile

Deno from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania…2002 Maserati Cambiocorsa

As you know, I came from Pittsburgh. I was looking for Maserati coupes for over 9 months. Once I decided on the one you had, I made the 2 hour drive to check it out more closely. It was very nice meeting you. I appreciated how accommodating you were and the paperwork you provided on the cars history. The car has been awesome thus far and I’ve had it detailed serveral more times since the day I bought it, you should see it – looks like I just drove it off the showroom floor. Thanks much


Dr. Taylor from Pittsford, NY…2012 Ford Edge Limited

I had been searching for a car for months. I happened to find Ohio Auto Network through an online search. They had the car I had been looking for at a great price. After traveling 250 miles I was pleasantly rewarded. The car was waiting for me and the transaction completed in less than an hour with no fuss or hassle. They even arranged a limo from the airport. This was my first experience with buying an out-of-state used car and I recommend him most highly and will certainly be a repeat customer.

Dr. David Taylor

George & His Father from North Olmsted, Ohio…2011 Ford Fusion

My father and I are very relieved to have chosen you to purchase a vehicle from. However, after my father and I met you in person and saw the vehicle, all the anxienty went away. We never knew purchasing a used car at a great price could be so easy. As a man rooted in traditional values, I stick with what works. Until we meet again, thank you and may God continue to bless you and your business.

George S.

George from Rochester, New York…2008 Cadillac XLR

My experience purchasing my car from you was a complete pleasure. Things couldn’t have gone any smoother. The XLR was everything you said it was and more. You followed up on everything you promised to do and was very honest. It was well worth the 650 miles my wife and I traveled to look at and purchase it. Thanks for all your help and maybe down the road I’ll purchase another vehicle from you.


Gordon & His Wife from Poplar Grove, Illinois…2011 Ford Taurus Limited

My wife absolutely loves the 2011 Taurus I bought from you. We purchased the car with 9,700 miles on it for $11,000 less than sticker and the car was less than a year old. Because we live over 400 miles away from you, we trusted that the car was everything that you said it was. “YOU DID NOT DISAPPOINT US” and it was everything you stated and more. Thanks again and when we need a vehicle, I will be looking on your website.


Greg & Lisa from Newbury, Ohio…2011 Dodge Journey

We are thrilled with our new 2011 Journey that we purchased from Ohio Auto Network. We did a lot of research and realized from comparing prices that this was an exceptional value for the price. It is loaded and luxurious. We found the dealership to be very friendly, honest and with absolutely no pressure to buy, and that made a huge impression on us. The process for purchasing our vehicle was simple and easy and we could not ask for a better experience overall. We get so many compliments on our new Journey and everyone can’t believe what a great price we were able to purchase it for either.

Greg and Lisa D.

Greg fron Columbus, Ohio…1999 Corvette w/ 37K!

Wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your service and attention related to the purchase of my 1999 Corvette. The car was everything that you advertised it to be and the paperwork process was smooth and painless. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your dealership to my friends. Thanks again,


James from Lake Orion, Michigan…2008 Volvo S80 AWD

I traveled from the Motor City (Michigan) to Ohio to pick up this Volvo and the car was everything they said it was. They were upfront about everything. After I returned to Michigan, I took it to a Volvo dealership and it passed the multi point inspection with flying colors. The Volvo dealership asked me what I paid for the car and they said there was no way they could beat that price. I can assure you your trip to Ohio Auto Network will be worth the drive or any means to get there. Thank you for selling me this beautiful Volvo.


Jean from Navarre, Ohio…2013 Ford Edge Limited

I love the Edge I bought from this Ohio Auto Network. Not sure what took me so long to upgrade from my 07 Ford Freestyle. We like and appreciate the service you provided during the sale. Past experience in dealing with salesmen and then waiting for them to speak to the owners, takes a lot of time. I like the fact that you put the sale on the table and there was no haggling back and forth. This is it, take it or leave it and we obviously took it because the deal was unbeatable! I would recommend you to everyone I know.

Jean Paris

Jerry and Susan from Cheyenne, Wyoming…2013 Chrysler 300C

We absolutely love everything about the 300C. Our drive to Wisconsin and back to Wyoming was a pure pleasure. We have been actively looking for a Chrysler 300 for the past six months and are just delighted that we found the perfect car at your dealership. Thank you so much for your honesty and great customer service. Next time we’re in the market for a car, we will be looking you up.

Jerry and Susan Bennett

Jesus from Cicero, Illinois…2006 Hummer H3

I found the great Hummer H3 at Ohio Auto Network for the lowest price anywhere online. I live near Chicago and this deal was so good that I jumped aboard a Greyhound bus by myself and took it to a Greyhound bus station right by the dealership and it only cost me $40 to do so. It sounded crazy at first but the deal was too good to pass up. When I arrived, my H3 was just wrapping up on the detail and when it pulled up, it looked better than the pictures online. The service I received there was great and very pleasant and easy going, much different than going to a big dealership where the employees are cocky and treat you subpar. If you’re looking for a clean vehicle at the lowest price, I highly recommend this dealership. Thanks again,


Joel and his 2 sons from Lorain, Ohio…2007 Chevy Uplander

I never had a car purchase go so smoothly. You were very patient with me obtaining my finances and I appreciate that greatly. I liked the fact that I was able to walk onto the lot and not get “hounded” by a salesman. I was able to take my time and look at the vehicles that I wanted to look at, not the ones the salesman wanted me to. The van is fantastic. The engine was spotless and the interior looked like it had already been detailed. It passed the 95 point inspection that my mechanic put it through as well. My kids love it too. You and your staff were so patient and understanding when I had to bring my boys along with me. Some dealerships get frustrated when you have children with you. I will not shop anywhere else when I need a vehicle. Anyone that asks me if I know a good dealership, I will FOR SURE send them your way. Thanks again for everything and keep up the great service!


John from North Canton, Ohio…2012 Ford F150 XLT CREW 4X4

David, The truck is even better than advertised. It was a very pleasant experience working with you and your dealership. No hassle or high pressure sales. The truck was delivered very clean and on time. It was a pleasure doing business with this dealerhip


Kaye from Fishers, Indiana…2011 Grand Cherokee Limited

I am ecstatic with the 2011 Grand Cherokee I purchased from you a couple months ago. It is all that I hoped it would be. I am a long time Grand Cherokee owner, but this is the first time I have purchased through Ebay. I knew what I wanted. I knew how far I was willing to travel, and I searched for about a month until both vehicle, price and location matched. It is a terrific vehicle; your assistance was fine, and I would recommend anyone else trying through Ebay should they be so inclined. With 4 W drive, let it snow!!


Kevin from Sudbury Ontario Canada…2011 Ford Edge Limited

Nice automobile, enjoyed the ride back home to Canada from your dealership. Remember, if you grab a 2011 Escalade let me know so I can let me buddy know.


Mark from Deerlodge, Montana…2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

I can’t believe that I found a truck that was a 2004 with only 35,000 miles. The thing looks like it was brand new and rolled off the factory floor 7 years later than it actually did. None of my friends could believe it. The price was very competitive and you were awesome to deal with. I was very impressed by your willingness to point out any minor flaws that the truck had as I was purchasing from quite a distance. There were no surprises on my 1,800 mile trip home. The thing was detailed better than any car I ever owned and you even undercoated it for me free of charge. I can’t say enough about the vehicle and the service I received. I am very impressed with both the vehicle and your dealership.

Mark H.

Matt from Orlando, Florida…2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

Far to often in today’s fast paced world our purchases and service from vendors fall far to short of what we were promised. Unfortunately, hectic schedules and pressing obligations force us to move on and forget the misleading or exaggerated promises of service and product quality. Sweet Jeses! Ohio Auto Network is a breath of fresh air. You guys do it right! What a great experience! The 2002 Tahoe with 22K original miles you sold me was better than described. The process of filling out paperwork and getting on the road was fast. You answered all of the questions and concerns I had ahead of time so I was able to hop on a plane the day after I won the auction with everything I needed to drive my car back to Florida the next day. It’s an experience I plan to repeat…please keep an eye out for that Z06 Corvette we spoke about, if you get one in, CALL ME!


Michael and Melanie from Mount Pleasant, Michigan…2011 GMC Terrain

We wanted to let you know that we are extremely happy with the 2011 Terrain we purchased from your dealership. We spent several hours testing driving various vehicles and had narrowed down our selection to a GMC Terrain. We started to look online for an affordable one. We came across your website via and found the 2011 Terrain. It looks like a nice clean vehicle with low miles (only 7,400) and at a very reasonable price. In fact, the price such a good one that we were more than willing to drive 4+ hours from Mount Pleasant, MI to purchase your vehicle. However, we were skeptical as we had never purchased a vehicle in this manner before. We put down the deposit as explained on your website and made our trip down to Ohio. After arriving at your dealership, our concerns were quickly put to rest as the Terrain was exactly as depicted on your website and your staff was extremely helpful with the process of purchasing the vehicle. When it comes time to replace our other car, we will definitely make sure to check with your dealership first and, if necessary, make another trip to Ohio. Thanks again.

Mike and Melanie

Mick and his son from Arcadia, Indiana…2004 Ford Excusion with 30K Miles!

I wanted to let you knw that I am extremely happy with the 2004 Excursion with 33,000 original miles purchased from your dealership. I spent six months watching the online car adds for Excursions and just couldn’t find what I was looking for. I thought eventually a specialty dealer would have what I was looking for and sure enough my patience paid off. As you know, we struck a deal via the phone sight unseen. I am normally very cautious when it comes to these deals but your low pressure salesmanship made it easy to trust you from afar. Once I made the 4 hour trip to see the Excursion, I was definitely leaving with the vehicle. The price was fair and equitable and the vehicle was as advertised on the website. I would recommend you and your dealership to anybody that is looking for a specialty type of vehicle. The time and effort we spent on the phone and trip to Ohio was well worth it. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks and best regards.

Mick H.

Pete from Cleveland, Ohio…2004 Chrysler 300M

I was ecstatic to find this excellent 2004 300M with only 54K miles on your website. The pictures presented it beautifully and it actually looked even better at the dealership. The deal was painless and the service was great as the car was perfect when I picked it up. I got a good deal on a great car. I would definitely recommend your dealership.


Peter from Auburn, Alabama…2009 Lexus ES350

The Lexus I bought is a great vehicle Had a very comfortable drive back to Alabama. Thanks for putting this vehicle on your website! You provided a lot of photos that show exactly what your buying. The buying experience was easy and very fast. Thanks again for a great experience. If I look for another vehicle, I would definitely look to see what you have available first.

Peter Weiss

Robert from Chicago, Illinois…2006 Mercedes Benz CL500

I love the 2006 Mercedes CL500 I bought from you. There were no errors when dealing with you. I’d recommend you to any serious buyer.

Robert Peters

Scott from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada…2004 Chevy Tahoe

I picked up my Tahoe after my long flight and I was impressed with how great of condition it was in (it was better than the pictures online). They made this purchase process and the import/export process a breeze. The vehicle had no surprises on my way back home to Red Deer, Alberta…a 2,000+ mile drive home.


Stephen from Missouri City, Texas…2011 Jaguar XF Premium

I can’t say enough about the flexibility, professionalism and availability. Purchasing a luxury vehicle sight unseen is a tough task for anyone, especially if it’s your first online vehicle purchase. Even when difficulty came up around transporting the vehicle 1,300 miles to Houston, TX, you worked with me throughout. I’ll be looking for a Range Rover for my wife soon so I’ll be calling you back again soon. I will highly recommend you to friends. The car was exactly what I expected it to be. Thanks again!


Steve from Lake Forest, Illinois…2006 Jaguar XK8 Convertible

I want to thank you and your staff for making my recent car purchase an enjoyable experience. I drove it back to Chicago, top down the whole way. The car is great, no issues at all. As you know, buying a car can be frustrating and complicated particularly when you are doing it long distance, as I was coming from Chicago. From my first inquiry, you made the process simple and were very responsive to all my questions and requests. Keep it up. Again thanks and take care


Theressa from Cleveland, Ohio…2006 Jeep Liberty

I really love my Jeep. I really appreciate the service you provided me. You were very honest and that’s hard to come these days. The price of my car was very reasonable and the mileage was low too. I’m also happy with the extended warranty I purchased. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good quality car at a good price, low miles and most importantly and honest salesperson. Thank you very much.


Tom & Jan from Warren, Ohio…2001 F350 Dually w/ only 26K!

We found the right truck at the right price for what we needed. We couldn’t have picked a better dealership to buy from. We were treated very well and honestly. Thanks!

Tom and Jan

Wallace from Georgetown, KY…2006 GMC Sierra

It was a pleasure dealing with an honest used car dealer. The truck is everything you said it was and more. It was a pleasure driving it back to Georgetown, KY. and my grandson is enjoying it very much. Thanks again and I will be glad to make a future purchase from your dealership. You have my permission to use this statement for promoting your dealership.

Wallace M.

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